September 30, 2022

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction For 2022-2030

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Bitcoin Cash is one of those cryptocurrencies that many people have heard of but don’t really know what it is. BCH is still often seen as nothing but Bitcoin’s sidegrade and only spoken of in the context of discussing Bitcoin forks. However, it has shown a lot of promise and is currently one of the 30 biggest cryptocurrencies in the world.

As with any other cryptocurrency, it is hard to say whether Bitcoin Cash will be a good investment or not. Yet, its high market cap and solid technical foundation, as well as great potential usability, can help to keep its price afloat if the market crashes.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Review


Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin. The coin split from the original protocol back in 2017 amid rising concerns about scalability, slow transaction speed, and high fees. Additionally, there was a conflict in the Bitcoin community surrounding the true purpose of the coin, which Satoshi Nakamoto outlined as being a truly decentralized peer-to-peer digital payment method. Many participants felt like the original Bitcoin did not represent those values anymore.

However, the Bitcoin Cash of today is not exactly the same coin it was in 2017. BCH itself also went through a hard fork: in 2018, it split into Bitcoin ABC (now known as Bitcoin Cash) and Bitcoin SV (“Satoshi’s Vision”). The fork was made because the community disagreed on the future of the cryptocurrency, in particular in regard to block size.

Initially, BCH had a block size limit of 8MB. This allowed the coin to lower its fees and increase its transaction throughput. Since then, its block size has increased even more and is equal to 32MB at the moment.

Despite the benefits this coin can provide, there are quite a few things that stand between BCH and greatness. Firstly, there’s the original Bitcoin: most investors still choose it over the more technically advanced Bitcoin Cash. Not only is BCH overlooked as a profitable investment, but it is also not being taken anywhere near as seriously as BTC when it comes to everyday usage. Many marketplaces still only accept BTC as payment, leaving out all the altcoins.

We think that lack of usage for its intended purposes is the second obstacle that impedes BCH price growth. While, in theory, this coin does have an excellent block capacity, which leads to high transaction throughput, in reality, only a small percentage of BCH is actively being used — less than 5%. 

Bitcoin Cash Price Today

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Bitcoin Cash Price History

Bitcoin Cash has a rather curious price history: at the time of writing this article, in the middle of February 2022, the coin is worth almost as much as in 2017. At launch, the BCH price was around $440, whereas now it’s hovering around in the $300-350 range.

bch price chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

In fact, what sets BCH apart from other popular cryptocurrencies like the original Bitcoin or Ethereum is how little dynamic its price had over the years. Although there were some price spikes, the value of Bitcoin Cash pretty much always went back to the $300-400 range. Most other cryptocurrencies that get ranked in the top 30 by market cap usually see their average prices rise over the course of the years — but not BCH.

On the one hand, that can be seen as a good thing — after all, cryptocurrencies are often criticized for being volatile, but on the other, it raises a lot of questions. Will BCH ever be able to break out of this pattern and hit not only a new maximum price but also increase its average value, too? Only time will tell. At the moment, we can only point out that historical data shows the relative stability of this coin and its resistance to market crashes.

Bitcoin Cash Price Predictions for 2022 by Experts

Cryptocurrency prices are notoriously volatile and thus near impossible to predict. However, it can still be useful to look at what different experts think may happen to the value of an asset in the future. 

Bitcoin Cash is currently (as of 02/18/22) ranked 27th by market capitalization. It is a well-known and well-established coin that has already carved out a place for itself in the cryptocurrency market. As a result, there are a lot of crypto traders, investors, and other experts watching it and trying to make a Bitcoin Cash forecast. Here are some of the Bitcoin Cash price predictions we have seen.

Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor is bullish on BCH. Their Bitcoin Cash price forecast has the coin doubling in value in just a year. Their experts also expect BCH to cross over the $1100 mark by 2026 — an undoubtedly very optimistic prediction. WI sees Bitcoin Cash as a good long-term investment but is still bearish on it in the short term.

Gov Capital

Gov Capital is also bullish on BCH in the long term, but their Bitcoin Cash forecast is a bit more conservative. Their experts predict that instead of 100%, the coin will “only” grow by 33% in a year.


However, it has to be noted that their Bitcoin Cash prediction is rather weird: they are expecting this cryptocurrency to drop down to as low as $30 and can even see it potentially reaching a minimum price of $16. Moreover, they’re predicting that this will happen mere days before the coin hits $400.

Overall, Gov Capital’s Bitcoin Cash price prediction is incredibly volatile as they can see the BCH price constantly going from $20 to $400. If you were to take their Bitcoin Cash forecast seriously, then you would have to be an expert at finding the appropriate entry/exit points to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash at the best moments for making a profit.


Unlike the two previous experts, TradingBeasts are bearish on BCH in the long run. They think Bitcoin Cash’s price will drop by over 15% by the end of 2022. However, their Bitcoin Cash prediction is bullish from 2023 onward: they think the coin will see a 100% return by the end of 2025.

Digital Coin Price

Digital Coin Price is bullish on BCH. Their forecasted Bitcoin Cash price for the beginning of 2023 is $515.

Other Crypto Experts

Here’s the real-time result of the Bitcoin Cash technical analysis performed by Trading View.

At the time of writing this article (02/18/22), technical analysis of this coin has shown the “sell” signal, indicating that experts are bearish on BCH in the short run. This aligns perfectly with all the other Bitcoin Cash predictions we have seen — none of them expect any growth for this coin in the near future. Such consistency across many predictions is rather convincing. Besides, BCH does not seem to be prone to sharp price spikes and crashes.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2022-2030

As a popular, well-established cryptocurrency with a solid technical foundation and a great community backing it, Bitcoin Cash does, in theory, have the potential to go to the moon again sometime in the future. However, that will depend on how the cryptocurrency market behaves in the next few months and how it responds to any potential regulations.

If all goes well, and the crypto market continues to follow the trajectory it established for itself in 2017-2021, then BCH will have growth potential and will be a good investment. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, which facilitate quick and efficient crypto transactions, also stand to gain a lot if digital currencies become the norm in everyday payments. 

Here’s our tentative Bitcoin Cash forecast for 2022-2030. Please note that this is not investment advice, and remember to do your own research before buying or selling any cryptocurrencies.

2022 $350
2023 $450
2024 $400
2025 $450
2026 $900
2030 $1,000

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2022

Although some cryptocurrencies have begun to recover after the bear market of early 2022, Bitcoin Cash hasn’t really gone far from its minimum price for the past few months. It hasn’t even reached its January 2022 level yet.

There are many predictions that in spring 2022, the crypto market will collapse in the biggest crash it has seen in the past few years. While we don’t think that is sure to happen, it’s hard to deny that BCH, alongside all other cryptocurrencies, is unlikely to come anywhere near its highest price in the next few months. Of course, this is the crypto market, and everything is possible, but there is nothing presently pointing toward another massive rally.

Our Bitcoin Cash price forecast for 2022 is rather conservative. While we don’t rule out the possibility of price spikes and brief price drops, especially in the second half of the year, we think that this asset’s price will largely stay at the same level throughout 2022.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction February 2022

February is almost over, but there’s still room left for some crazy crypto price action. We are just as likely to see Bitcoin Cash price equal $350 again as to witness it drop down to $250. At the moment, we expect the BCH price to continue declining but staying in the $290-320 range.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction March 2022

The bearish trend is likely to continue in March 2022. Bitcoin Cash’s price may drop to as low as $250 in March 2022.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction April 2022

Our Bitcoin Cash prediction for April 2022 is the same as for March 2022: a continuation of a bearish trend. Although our Bitcoin Cash price analysis shows that the coin is currently highly unlikely to go below $200 or get close to its historical minimum price of $75, unexpected regulation news may still cause the future value of BCH to tank.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction May 2022

We may see the market starting to recover by the end of spring 2022. If that does happen, BCH is likely to go back to its January 2022 price level and hover around $350.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2023

The beginning of a bullish trend for Bitcoin Cash may take place in 2023. The BCH price may hit $450 again and even go to as high as $800. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2024

Most experts predict that the future price of BCH will be relatively volatile, and we agree. According to historical price analysis, this coin’s price mostly stays at the same level — unless there are some huge market moves happening in the crypto world. So, we can see Bitcoin Cash’s price going back to its “comfort” level of $400 anytime there isn’t a market boom.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2025

Bitcoin Cash has great potential to show incredible future results. Although we expect BCH to stay in the same average range unless something remarkable happens, we think it has mooning potential. It is likely to hover around the $450 price level for most of 2025 but may go to as high as $1,500.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2026

If crypto mass adoption happens, then Bitcoin Cash will likely be one of the cryptocurrencies that benefit the most from it. The variety of factors, including low fees, the popularity that comes with being a Bitcoin fork, the ability to process much more transactions per second than the original BTC protocol, can cause Bitcoin Cash’s future value to go far above its current price. It may even establish a new average price of $900 or higher.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2027

Bitcoin Cash has the potential to keep on growing in 2027 and beyond. We think that its price can possibly reach as high as $2,000 in the next five years.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2028

If the positive trend continues, then not only will Bitcoin Cash’s maximum price keep on hitting new highs each year, but also its average price will go up, too.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2029

It’s hard to predict how Bitcoin Cash’s price will behave in 2029, but there’s a huge possibility that we will see this coin hit its new maximum that far into the future. Although we expect that to happen sooner, 2029 can still be a good year for Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2030

We don’t know enough about the plans of either the Bitcoin Cash team or the governments across the globe to be able to predict crypto prices that far into the future. We think that this coin is likely to follow the general trends of the crypto world, albeit a little more conservatively. It’s not one of those coins that only has hype backing it up, so it can stand the test of time if all goes well.

At the moment, we have a positive outlook on the future price of BCH. Our (extremely tentative) Bitcoin Cash prediction for 2030 is that the coin will get close to having an average price of $1,000.

Where Can You Buy Bitcoin Cash?

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Disclaimer: Please note that the contents of this article are not financial or investing advice. The information provided in this article is the author’s opinion only and should not be considered as offering trading or investing recommendations. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. Any investor, trader, or regular crypto users should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.

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