December 5, 2022

‘Between A Rock & A Hard Place:’ An EtherRock Sells For Pennies After Listing Accident

3 min read

Rock jpeg’s are back at it once again with more shenanigans. EtherRocks have strengthened themselves as a quiet, but stapled NFT that doesn’t get nearly the exposure of headline names like CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club – – however still holds a constant flooring north of $500M. It’s a special story in the NFT space.

Today, one previous EtherRock holder elected to list their NFT for sale – – however slipped up in the listing – and all sorts of insanity taken place.

From Rock N ‘Roll To The Blues Twitter user @dino_dealer posted on the platform today that he unintentionally listed his EtherRock for sale for 444 wei (a fraction of a cent)instead of their designated rate, 444 ETH. Chalk it up to another timeless NFT error of moving too rapidly and paying a pricey cost for doing so. The rock was sniped by a bot in the exact same block deal, providing the lister basically no time at all whatsoever to try to reverse their error. It was as excellent as gone.

“Am I GMI?” We’ll let the readers figure out the answer for themselves. Dino has commented on the EtherScan deal, but has actually apparently got little traction on trying to recover his EtherRock.