August 17, 2022

BetProtocol rebrands to BEPRO Network using full blockchain video gaming codebase

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The group of BetProtocol, a decentralized gaming and betting protocol, has actually revealed its rebranding to BEPRO Network, that includes an upgraded environment. The BEPRO Network is now live with a new codebase for DeFi, gaming, forecast markets, and more.


Rebranding to BEPRO Network enables now for increased awareness of the BEPRO token in the public awareness, while enabling more use cases and more factors for people to connect with the token.

The updated BEPRO Network service model will revolve completely around the BEPRO token, and those that wish to use the technology will need to be stakeholders in BEPRO.

Operators will now require to stake BEPRO to get access to the codebase. This will change the standard setup fee that used to be charged in the past in fiat currency. Additionally, the regular monthly fees operators pay will likewise be charged in BEPRO. They will need to buy BEPRO on the market and add it to their stake.

From the point of view of branding, BEPRO Network is much larger than the narrow “wagering” sector that the old branding was connected to.

BEPRO Network is a codebase for building decentralized apps for DeFi, gaming, prediction markets, exchange, and more. Operators and entrepreneurs have the ability to lease the code by staking BEPRO, and are provided the larger application of the innovation, the BEPRO group anticipates larger and bigger parts of the native token will be secured staking as brand-new operators sign up with the network.

BEPRO Staked Dashboard “The new BEPRO Network logo shows both the unlimited possibilities of what can be constructed with our codebase, as well as a return to our decentralized roots and original vision. When we began our business two years earlier, we envisioned building technology for the decentralized future of betting, video gaming, and forecast markets. Our preliminary roadmap had us going deep into the decentralized world and being the tech behind many Dapps and on-chain systems. Nevertheless, at the time completely on-chain systems were not possible due to a number of scalability and functionality factors, so we were forced to adapt. Our full turnkey solution for launching eSports and casino gaming apps was a result of this. Although this is a hybrid product (integrating on-chain and off-chain architecture) we nevertheless found out a lot about building totally on-chain systems. Dentralised blockchains like Ethereum and Polkadot have actually advanced to where fully on-chain systems are now possible. The chance is now here for us to meet our initial decentralized vision while reorganizing our organization model to be more scalable for the future.”
– – The BEPRO Network Team

BEPRO Network is scheduled to release the first showcase product on the network in Q1 of this year.” BetProtocol rebrands to BEPRO Network providing full blockchain gaming codebase