June 15, 2021

Animoca and Hedera to establish Helix Warp gaming platform and NFT-based football video game

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CryptoNinjas” Animoca and Hedera to develop Helix Warp gaming platform and NFT-based football game

Animoca Brands, a business specializing in digital home entertainment, blockchain, gamification, and artificial intelligence, today revealed that, by means of its acquisition of Helix Accelerator (Helix), it has participated in an arrangement with Hedera Hashgraph to develop 2 dispersed ledger-based gaming projects.

Football Game

Hedera Hashgraph, Animoca Brands, and Helix will develop a non-fungible token (NFT) based football video game; making use of the intellectual properties of famous football clubs under license to Animoca Brands.

The video game will feature tradable NFTs that will be backed by HBAR, the native token of the Hedera network. NFTs that are backed by HBAR will be redeemable for HBAR after a cooldown duration, representing the first time that an NFT will be redeemable for a repaired and ensured quantity of an underlying crypto property.

Helix Warp

The three companies will also team up to establish and launch Helix Warp, a dispersed online gaming platform. The objective is to create a reasonable and decentralized environment of gaming-related product or services to combat the issue of cheating in online multiplayer games.

Helix Warp will combat unfaithful by producing a server-side simulation environment and leveraging the Hedera Consensus Service to record results. Video game designers will have the ability to plug into Helix Warp and deploy hack-resistant leaderboards in their video games. Helix Warp will target HTML5 games, to start with, and make use of the Helix Warp token to underpin the environment.

Coming Soon”We are extremely excited to work with Hedera Hashgraph, which uses some extremely appealing usages for video gaming, especially in the location of high-transaction circumstances. We believe this collaboration will result in more efficient recognition of play-to-earn activities, including attending to problems such as the multi-billion dollar issue of unfaithful in games.”
– – Yat Siu, Co-Founder & & Chairman of Animoca Brands

The Hedera Consensus Service and the Hedera Token Service will be utilized as foundational technology layers for both jobs explained above.

Hedera Consensus Service acts as a trust layer for any application or permissioned network and enables the development of an immutable and proven log of messages. While the Hedera Token Service enables the setup, management, and transfer of high-throughput native fungible and non-fungible tokens without having to release expensive and potentially faulty wise agreements.

“Animoca Brands establishes and runs some of the most popular blockchain video games worldwide. It has actually proved itself a leader in leveraging blockchain and distributed journal technology, offering highly interesting entertainment applications that captivate fans everywhere. We are pleased that Animoca Brands selected to develop these brand-new offerings on top of the Hedera network.”
– – Mance Harmon, CEO of Hedera Hashgraph

CryptoNinjas” Animoca and Hedera to develop Helix Warp gaming platform and NFT-based football video game