May 16, 2022

KingSwap (KING)

KingSwap is the newest Decentralized Finance (DeFi) liquidity pool platform that supply off-ramp fiat currency converting remedies to the globe.

Kingswap is a fork of the Uniswap protocol, but adds lots of renovations as well as functions. As an example, after the liquidity swimming pool migration, Kingswap will include Layer 2 and Layer 3 executions that are technical developments. There are likewise lawful assurance, and fiat off-ramp renovations over Uniswap and Sushiswap.

For more information, you can seek advice from journalism posts by Bloomberg, Financial Post, Yahoo Finance, Hackernoon and also Crowdfund Insider.

KingSwap Airdrop is worth up to 0.2 BTC plus $10.000 worth of $KING tokens

Top 500 Winners will receive amazing prizes value of $KING tokens as below:

  • Top 1 will receive 0.1 BTC.
  • Top 2-3 will receive 0.05 BTC each.
  • Top 4-10 will receive $3,000 worth of $KING tokens shared equally.
  • Top 11 to 50 will receive $3,000 worth of $KING tokens shared equally.
  • Top 51 to 500 will receive $4,000 worth of $KING tokens shared equally.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the KingSwap Bounty contest page. 
  2. Register with your email and verify your email address. 
  3. Submit your Bitcoin & Ethereum Wallet addresses.
  4. Join KingSwap on Telegram Group & Channel
  5. Follow KingSwap on Twitter
  6. Perform additional social tasks and earn more points. 
  7. Share your referral link for extra 50 points per each referral.

Contest winners will receive their reward based on position:

From the top 1 to 3 will receive the reward on their submitted BTC wallet address.

From the top 11 to 500 contestants will receive their reward on the submitted ERC20 wallet on registration.

Distribution to the winners will be after March 15th 2021.

Tokens Per Airdrop
Leaderboard based

Bounty contest End Date
February 28th 2021, at 6 PM UTC

KYC is not a requirement

Estimated value
~$ 14,000 in total

Additional ICO information

Total Supply
~992,330,932.649 KING

Blockchain Standard
ERC-20 based Utility Token


Ticker: KING
Telegram Group: