October 5, 2022

After Twitter, Reddit Might Allow Users To Add NFT as Profile Picture

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Just two days after Twitter unveiled the function to add NFTs to one’s profile photo, another social media giant Reddit is apparently making a comparable relocation. As per the report, Reddit is checking a feature that enables its users to set any NFT as their own profile image.

Note that this is different from its Ethereum-based NFTs called CryptoSnoop launched in 2015. However, the engineers at Reddit haven’t yet chosen how Reddit’s support for NFTs would work.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Reddit stated that the NFT testing remains in the very early stage and isn’t available yet to public users. Reddit representative Tim Rathschmidt said:

“We’re constantly exploring methods to provide value for users and communities on Reddit. At the moment we’re testing the capability to use NFTs as profile pictures (avatars) and confirm ownership. It’s a little, internal test and no choices have actually been made about broadening or rolling out the ability.”

Reddit’s Push for NFTs

Reddit has actually been carrying out various NFT efforts for a while. The social media platform has actually also established a dedicated page for NFT-related activities which is nft.reddit.com.

Currently, the NFT domain only focuses on CryptoSnoos including Reddit’s own digital collectibles. The “Snoo” generally represents Reddit’s own Aliem mascot and the antiques are absolutely nothing but variations of Snoo’s images.

However, designer Nima Owji was the first to identify this new NFT test. The designer discovered a banner referencing the task on the Reddit app. Owji speculates that this image could represent Reddit’s growth beyond CryptoSnoos.

Designer Owji likewise discovered references in Reddit’s code in what relatively appeared to be a test collection of NFTs on OpenSea. They appeared on the Ethereum test network Rinkeby, a platform that supports running blockchain experiments.

Nevertheless, some Redditors aren’t happy with Reddit making a relocation into NFTs. These gamers have actually likewise revealed annoyance on Reddit online forums.

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