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<aBest EOS Wallets

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EOS cryptocurrency stands securely in the list of leading cryptos ranked by market capitalization. Being a worthwhile financial investment instrument, EOS aims to bring decentralization to masses by providing blockchain-based social networks like Voice or allowing the community to govern the network in an open and transparent way. The EOS state even has its own constitution while the spirit of libertarianism is not an empty guarantee within the neighborhood.

If you decide to buy EOS in order to boost your crypto portfolio, then you most likely think about a safe place to store the cryptocurrency. We’ve collected 13 digital wallets to store EOS in 2021, so you can choose the one that suits you finest. Here we go.

What Is EOS Wallet?

EOS wallet is a location to save EOS coins. There are numerous kinds of wallets that can be a safe

choice for EOS storage. Hot Wallet Basically, a hot wallet is a software application that allows you to keep crypto coins in one location. A hot wallet can likewise be referred to as either custodial or non-custodial wallet. The previous means that a particular crypto wallet shops users’ funds (read: private secrets) on its servers. On the contrary, a non-custodial hot wallet does not keep users’ private keys and enables customers to be fully in charge of them.

Most of the time, a hot wallet is a complimentary option to save cryptocurrency. They come as mobile, online, and desktop wallets.

Cold Wallet

Usually, a cold wallet is considered to be a more protected method to store crypto assets given that it does not need an Internet connection. Cold wallets are non-custodial so that users are responsible for the security of their personal keys and funds. Cold wallets come in the type of portable devices (Trezor, Ledger Nano, BC Vault) which indicates users need to invest some money in order to buy a physical gadget.

How to Create EOS Account Names?

To communicate with the EOS ecosystem, one ought to acquire an EOS account. This may scare off some beginners, yet the number of EOS followers keeps growing.

At the dawn of the EOS network, it was quite a challenging job to develop an account within the system. However, as time passed, EOS lovers and dedicated block manufacturers presented easy to use services and applications for the EOS account’s quick and practical development. Please note that EOS accounts are not constantly totally free.

What is an EOS account? The team behind EOSX obstruct explorer and EOS tools supplies the following meaning:

An EOS account is a legible name that is stored in the EOS blockchain and linked to your keys. An EOS account is required for performing actions on the EOS platform, such as sending/receiving tokens, voting, and staking.

Solutions that may assist you to produce an EOS account are EOSX, EOS Start, EOS Account Creator, EOS Authority, and much more. Some wallets like Lumi, Freewallet, and others make it possible for EOS account production for free. Please do not forget to do your own research, prior to choosing the platform for EOS account development.

EOS Authority Wallet EOS Authority wallet is a hot wallet created by one of the leading EOS block producers. EOS Authority BP has a decent reputation and trust within the EOS neighborhood. Besides secure EOS wallet, EOS Authority provides a variety of vital tools for EOS users like block explorer, BP data and charts, voting platform, and so on

Users can store and manage EOS cryptocurrency along with other EOS-based tokens. The wallet suits EOS enthusiasts because it is customized to active individuals of the EOS environment. The platform also enables the quick production of an EOS account.

Official Website

Launch: 2018

Trustpilot Score: N/D

Wombat Wallet

wombat eos wallet interface

Wombat is a multi-chain EOS and Telos wallet that permits you to save over 50 tokens based on an EOS dispersed journal. Wombat completely fits crypto beginners that want to check out the world of EOS as the group behind the tasks prepared multiple guides and tutorials. The wallet allows you to engage with decentralized applications seamlessly while having control over your private secrets and EOS possessions. Wombat has a native UX/UI and can be downloaded on your mobile phones (iOS, Android). The wallet is likewise offered in the type of a Google Chrome extension that is perfect for those who are continuously using dApps.

Wombat makes it possible for crypto transfers that do not need staking. It offers versatile buying choices for users’ benefit.

Official Website

Launch: 2019

Trustpilot Score: N/D

Journal Nano S

Ledger Nano S is a best location to keep EOS in a cold and safe method. Besides offering a safe and trendy storing option for over 1,500 tokens and 27 coins, Ledger Nano S likewise enables speedy crypto purchase within its applications.

The design appears while the user experience and user interface are user-friendly. Users can likewise offer, exchange, lend and stake EOS and a variety of other digital assets via laptop or PC. As for security, you are the only owner of your personal secrets which are safeguarded in an innovative Ledger chip.

Official Website

Introduce: 2016

Trustpilot Score: 3.6

Ledger Nano X

ledger nano x

Several years ago, Ledger launched the next-generation hardware

wallet Ledger Nano X with improved performance. In addition to the Nano S model’s core features like crypto purchase, exchange, staking and providing, Ledger Nano X has more capacity, which permits you to install as much as 100 applications. Furthermore, the gadget has a larger screen, 2-factor authentication (2fa), and Bluetooth connection.

Ledger Nano X might become a best EOS storage option if you want to manage your cryptocurrency in a safe and secure way.

Official Website

Launch: 2019

Trustpilot Score: 3.6

MyEOS Wallet

MyEOS wallet is another EOS and the EOS network’s respective tokens storage option that provides enhanced functionality to dedicated EOS users. Besides smooth EOS transfers, one can take pleasure in ballot, producer benefit claims, air grabs, and so on

MyEOS wallet teams up with hardware wallets like Ledger, which implies users can quickly manage EOS coins while keeping them in cold storage.

Please note, that MyEOS wallet requires a Scatter desktop application which suggests a user has to take extra actions in order to get the wallet. Possibly, MyEOS wallet suits advanced users and dedicated EOS lovers.

Official Website

Launch: 2018

Trustpilot Score: N/D


We often discuss the Exodus multicurrency wallet in our lists. However, it is fair to state that Exodus made it by right. Besides providing fast and perfect storage for over 100 cryptocurrencies for iOS and Android devices (mobile phones and tablets), Exodus introduces a desktop variation of its wallet suitable with macOS, Windows, and Linux. Together with instinctive style and user experience, Exodus might be an ideal storage solution for those who have just begun his/her crypto journey.

Yet, we kindly advise you that before entering into any crypto-related job, it is essential to do your own research study (DYOR) to exclude any negative experience. Exodus commission costs may seem quite high, so do not forget to check whether you are okay with it.

Authorities Website

Release: 2015

Trustpilot Score: 2.6

Lumi Wallet

Another mobile digital wallet EOS wallet is Lumi. Despite being a place to shop over 1,000 crypto assets, it is likewise a mono wallet for EOS coin. There is no registration or KYC procedure needed. The application permits you to keep and manage EOS security. Access to the wallet can be restored only with a 12-word mnemonic expression while personal secrets are under users’ total control.

The application is available to iOS and Android users and can be discovered in the App Store and Google Play appropriately.

Official Website

Introduce: 2018

Trustpilot Score: 3.7

Anchor (previous GreyMass EOS Voter Wallet)

anchor wallet interface

New name however very same (or perhaps much better)functionality. Anchor is a mobile and desktop EOS wallet that makes it possible for users to perfectly interact with EOSIO-based decentralized applications (dApps) and shop EOS coin.

Anchor is an open-source and multi-chain wallet that also permits you to handle other EOS-based tokens while tracking them in real-time.

As of January 2021, Anchor is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux and can be downloaded on iOS devices. Please pay close attention that it is not available on Android yet.

Authorities Website

Introduce: 2020

Trustpilot Score: N/D

SimplEOS Wallet

SimplEOS wallet is a task established by an essential EOS gamer and block producer, EOS Rio. EOS Rio’s group has been providing vital proposals and functions to the neighborhood for numerous years now.

SimplEOS is a digital wallet developed particularly for EOS coin and EOS-based tokens. Since the EOS community is driven by the viewpoint of transparency, trust and open source technology, SimplEOS offers a digital wallet devoted to EOS and its community. The wallet is developed for desktop use and readily available for the leading os (macOS, Windows, Linux).

Official Website

Launch: 2018

Trustpilot Score: N/D

Scatter EOS Wallet


Scatter is a leading service provider of blockchain technology, according to Scatter itself. Scatter EOS wallet utilized to be known as a MetaMask of the EOS ecosystem. However, the team behind the project decided to turn down the web extension for security factors. Rather, they presented a secure desktop version of the EOS wallet.

Scatter allows users to connect with dApps and manage EOS coins in addition to EOS-based tokens with ease.

Authorities Website

Release: 2017

Trustpilot Score: N/D

imToken Wallet

A multicurrency wallet imToken permits you to store and handle main cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, EOS, a variety of stablecoins and other altcoins. Among the primary advantages of imToken is that the wallet supplies access to an important function of specific coins. For this reason, it supports EOS resource management and allows EOS staking within the app.

As for security, imToken wallet claims to cooperate with SlowMist, Cure53, and other solid security business. Also, imToken partners with the leading hardware wallets, which adds additional indicate the security of the wallet.

Being a mobile wallet, imToken wallet is readily available for iOS and Android gadgets.

Official Website

Introduce: 2016

Trustpilot Score: 3.5

EOS Paper Wallet

EOS paper wallet may be among the best options to store EOS. EOS paper wallet is a freezer service that does not keep your private secrets on any server. At its core, a paper wallet is a paper with composed or printed private and public keys on it. Despite such a wallet’s simplicity and security, one ought to focus on some basic safety guidelines.

  1. Prior to producing private and public keys, don’t forget to scan your computer to examine its health. Malware programs can expose your keys to a third party;
  2. Once secrets are printed, delete the browser history and information offered to a printer;
  3. Store your paper wallet in a safe and dry location. Some individuals choose to laminate a cryptocurrency paper wallet to extend its working condition.

Discover more details about the way a cryptocurrency paper wallet operates in our article How to make a crypto paper wallet.


Freewallet provides a family of digital wallets for protected cryptocurrency storage. EOS Freewallet is a mobile digital wallet to send, get, and track EOS coins. The mobile app is easy and simple to use so that the wallet will fit both crypto novices and more experienced users. With an opportunity to manage EOS coins on the go, one can constantly stay upgraded on the smallest market motions relating to EOS coin and other cryptocurrencies.

Official Website

Release: 2016

Trustpilot Score: 3.7

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