September 26, 2022

2 Possible Scenarios for BTC Starting a New Week: Bitcoin Price Analysis

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After a bloody week, the bitcoin price is slowly recuperating, following a 50% drop since taping the ATH level of $69K throughout November 2021. The following analysis will discuss two possible scenarios moving forward, from a technical perspective.

Technica Analysis

By: Shayan

Veteran Frame: The Daily

Looking at the daily chart, the BTC price has been recuperating considering that it plunged over 50%, plunging below $33K last Monday.

However, Bitcoin is still below two critical resistance areas today. First is the blue bearish trendline pressing the cost down each time BTC attempted to break above it, and the 2nd zone is the variety marked in red in between $39K and $41K.

On the other hand, the daily RSI has actually broken out of the multi-month low sloping resistance. The 2 previous breakouts had actually caused big bullish relocations over the past year.

In conclusion, the 2 likely situations are:

  1. Breaking above the coming down trendline and the red location (around the $40K zone), combine above the zone for a while, produce a pullback to the resistance, and start a cost rally into the $50-60K channel.
  2. Getting declined by both the trendline and the horizontal resistance area, forming a new lower-high to validate the bearish trend, then a drop to lower price levels and test assistance zones to develop a brand-new local bottom.

Technical Analysis - Long Time Analysis

Short-Term Time Frame: The 4-hour Bitcoin has multiple resistance levels in the lower timeframes(LTF)

, as suggested in the following chart. The price has actually developed lower highs and lower lows inside a solid bearish coming down channel. The price is now trading listed below the 100-MA line and the channel’s upper trendline. As an outcome, if the marketplace is set to recover and start a freshly bullish rally, it is needed to break out of the trendline and finish a new greater high, as shown by the green path.

The other scenario is that the rate touches the trendline, records a new lower high, and after that gets rejected on its method to retest lower cost levels (the red course).

Technical Analysis - 4H

Onchain Analysis: Stablecoin Inflow By: Edris The following chart includes BTC rate and the 7-day moving average of stablecoin inflow. As you can see, there has actually been a significant rise in the volume of stablecoins transferred into exchanges over the past couple of days.

The last time we witnessed such a sharp increase in this metric remained in May 2021, following the crash to the $30k variety. This recommends that liquidity is ready to buy the dip. Nevertheless, accumulation phases after big market crashes normally take a while. So, it might take a couple of weeks or perhaps months before a cost rally happens, much like last year.

Stablecoin flow

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